ARTE... to Wholeness

Once a month gatherings to discover how art can change us, heal and empower.

Ways of growing with
your creative spirit
on a journey towards
self awareness
I do it for Me,
I give it to You
and together
We are greater
Know yourself,
be yourself,
love yourself,
share yourself

when: 1st Saturday of the month, starting in 2018

where: ARTE funktional at The Factory 1302 St. Paul Street, Kelowna BC - 250-540-4249

admission fee: $20.00 per 2 hours session

spots available: 20 participants - please RSVP at for reservations. First come first served basis.

call to speakers: ARTE to Wholeness welcomes participation from all creators in any area where they felt the "Big Magic". Please consider being a speaker ans sharing your experience with us. To make arrangements please contact Carolina at

Upcoming session

February 3rd – “Daphne Doodles”

2nd Session Speaker.

Karen Close, will share anecdotes and the ARTE wisdom of what she calls ‘Daphne Doodles’.

“My soul just has to speak. I need some coloured pencils and paper”. Daphne Although her hands were stiff and twisted with arthritis Daphne Odjig evolved a grip and never missed a day communing with her soul. She had abandoned creating because she could no longer accomplish the expertise lauded in her large body of paintings and murals. These simple drawings brought her new purpose as she explored her playful spirit.

Let Karen guide you to create your own soul doodles.

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 from 1 till 3pm.
ARTE funktional – The Factory – 1302 St Paul Street, Kelowna – 250.540.4249
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January 6th – Reaching the “big magic”

1st Session Speaker.

Artist Vikki Drummond shared her  artistic inspiration: where comes from, how makes her feel and what she takes out of living her “big magic”.
As Vikki says…”I will explain why I paint, how this affects my strategies for keeping my mind out of my work and why that is so important to me.” 

The session was a great success… thank you to Vikki and all the participants.

Saturday, January 6th 2018 from 1 till 3pm.
ARTE funktional – The Factory – 1302 St Paul Street, Kelowna – 250.540.4249
Our Vikki Drummond, the artist and the mentor observing the hand on exercise with the participants for the 1st Session.
Sharing the positives and negatives about creating…
What is the “big Magic”..?
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Karen Close
 BA and BEd

After receiving the City of Kelowna 2016 Honour In The Arts award, Karen is inspired to further encourage emerging understanding of creative wellbeing. She has been on the advisory board of the Arts Health Network Canada since its inception in 2008. Five decades as an arts educator and advocate for creative expression have shown her the transformative power of arts participation for all ages. As editor of the online publication Sage-ing With Creative Spirit, Grace and Gratitude, she is eager to encourage appreciation for how creative engagement connects us to ourselves and each other.

Susan J. LeBlanc

A retired nurse with 25 years of experience in a range of settings and roles Susan is new to Kelowna and excited to be part of this endeavor. Increasingly she has become aware of the importance of nurturing creativity in our everyday lives. It was through the art of intuitive painting that she first began to see patterns in her life that became more meaningful than just going to the gym everyday. She realised some patterns were no longer serving her and others were patterns she could build upon. She developed a belief that when we open to creativity blocks in our life, perceptions of our SELF, shift and change allowing for growth and a greater sense of well being.

Carolina Sánchez de Bustamante

An Argentinian who has called Canada home since 1989. Carolina considers herself to be a blend of architectural designer with a passion for Art. She is an Artist in textiles and ceramics, and owner of ARTE funktional. Also as an educator, she is interested in sharing knowledge with the next generation, helping to open minds and think outside the box.
She considers it truthful that art is the “food for the soul” and it has the ability to bring people together to share new experiences.
A long time ago, she said… “I firmly believe that when we use the mythical side of life to create, we are surprising ourselves… It is to stop being who we are, and to start being who we want to be”.