Carolina-portraitARTE funktional, this modern and contemporary art gallery was conceived by Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante. An artist in Textile and Ceramic Art of international stature herself, she has exhibited her work throughout North and South America, Japan and Europe in juried and curated exhibitions.

Carolina has been working in architectural ceramics in her Ashpa Naira Gallery & Studio on the west side of Okanagan Lake since 1993, creating original and innovative design in clay for the living environment.

You may wonder what is architectural art?… It is when purity of artistic design fuses with integrity of function. Carolina’s philosophy is based in the belief and the passion of ART in a living space, enabling to make a personal statement.

Through her own work and dealing the artwork of other artists, over the years Carolina have met several artisans working with different material in architectural art and the idea came to her, why not to promote all these artists/artisans together. And now all that artistic energy is under one roof, at The Factory in Kelowna as a gallery ARTE funktional.

Carolina has owned and operated commercial galleries in the Okanagan Valley since 2004.

ARTE funktional embraces the Arts and Design, in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere at The Factory Kelowna, where you can feel the beauty and creativity, and you can experience works of art created by Okanagan and Canadian artists.