Handcrafted ceramic tiles and murals

for architectural applications

Artistic metal work

indoors or outdoors

merging form and function to fit your home

Lighting design elements

the lighting with artwork

Contemporary art
for modern life

ARTE funktional is bringing something different…

The essence is Art and Function in an Architectural context. From paintings and sculptures to designed architectural and functional art, this modern and contemporary art gallery represents emerging and established Okanagan and Canadian artists.

Architectural Elements

Custom ceramics, forged metal, fused glass, woodwork created by artists and artisans to accentuate the personality of your home.

Functional Art

Let us bring incredible works of creativity and beauty into your everyday lives... ceramics, glass, small objects, lighting and furniture.

Painting and Drawing

Great selection of original contemporary and modern art in different medias to add to a personal collection.

Sculpture and Textile

Discover original sculptures created from bronze, clay, metal, glass, fiber and other materials. It is as diverse as the artists who created.

Current Exhibition