Title: Unfurled Spectrum
Details: Acrylic on canvas - 48"x36" - 122x91cm - $2,700.00

Todd Schulz, this auto-didactic Canadian artist specializes in hard edge Geometric Abstract painting. His application of a well defined minimal aesthetic aims to immersed the mind of an observer in stillness.
Todd Schulz regularly participates in group shows at the Vernon Public Art Gallery, Vernon, BC, and has been represented as a gallery artist in both Kelowna, BC and Edmonton, Alberta.
For the past 15 years he has been creating non-objective abstract artworks to explore transcendentalism. The images have a clean minimal aesthetic which depict hard edged geometric configurations imbued with vivid colours. The inherent objectless architectonic harmony of my pictures was devised as a solution to the burdens of modernity (being restlessness and relentless distraction.) These works aim to both puzzle and engage the eye of the viewer while minimizing distraction. As the serene equanimity of observance subsides, the beholder emerges with a sensation of renewal. Often the witness also retains a lingering notion and/or familiar feelings from which a narrative may be gleaned. This whole process may happen in an instant, or may be prolonged, but it is generally of a pleasing nature.
Todd resides in Vernon, British Columbia.