Title: The Inmigrant
Details: Mixed media - 12"Hx9"Wx7"D - 30x23x18 cm.

Stephan Bircher, originally from Switzerland with an evident clock master gene presiding over his creative environment and a theatrical absurdity that fueled his kinetic sculptures. His studio is a science lab…. there are tables with trays of arranged bones, boxes with feathers, butterfly wings and dead insects. Organized shelves with electrical components, jewels, rusted machine parts, junk and many other things.

Stephan says: …. “for me the creative process is a process where I live in my shop with a layout of all the parts and found objects. The sculptures grow out of the atmosphere of being in there. I don’t make drawings or plans, it is a growing process.
And then the lights are a special part… lights create a lot of tension and atmosphere. It supports mainly the meaning and feeling I have with the sculpture. Special light, special angle, special mix of colours gives a different atmosphere. It forces me to think about the technical side, where lights could be built in, before I start to build the fragile sculpture”.

Bircher is a theater light designer and technician, has work with the Caravan Farm Theatre in Amstrong, BC. and Leaky Heaven Circus in Vancouver, Bc. He has work for the Swiss World Wildlife Fund in a series of kinetic hand-on- educational modules illustrating bio-diversity.
Stephan lives in the mountains in Enderby, BC.