Title: Sky on Fire
Details: Fused glass, steel and granite - 20"Hx15"Wx4"D - 51x38x10cm.

Valerie Eibner, glass artist graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1972 after studying Architecture, Interior Design and Fine Arts. Worked as a teacher/ technician in Sheridan College, School of Design, Toronto and the University of Calgary, Fine Arts before setting up her studio in the Okanagan Valley.
For the artist, light was the heart of the new exploration. Light would reveal a myriad of different emphasis as it floated across images. Form, colour and texture would all be brought into total harmony with the addition of light. Fused Glass technique provides endless avenues of application in design/architecture environments.
Her artist statement reads… “Glass is her canvas and her fusion of glass colours allows for multiple overlays that shimmer as they do in nature”.
Valerie’s mix media sculptures and glassworks have been exhibited at Penticton Art Gallery BC and Summerland Art Gallery BC, as well in galleries in Kelowna BC – Banff BC- Whistler BC – Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC. Her artworks have found homes in Europe, Asia and in North America.
Valerie lives in Summerland, BC