Title: Red Field
Details: Acrylic on canvas - 66"Hx54"W - 163x137cm - $5,000.00.


Heidi Thompson, abstract Canadian artist born in 1956, inspired by the quiet compositions of Rothko, the chaotic layered lines of Pollock, and the luminous atmospheres of Turner.

As Heidi explains… “Painting is an exploration of matter, energy, and mind and their interplay and connectedness. I begin painting with solid materials such as sand, gesso, paint and paper. Then I generate energy or force from within, and apply paint to the paper’s empty surface using brush, rag or hand. My choice of colour and application are governed by my instinctive, “feeling” mind. While painting, I become immersed in the visual reaction to the colours changing, dissolving, and reappearing. The act of painting helps me understand the mysterious natural laws which govern nature and myself”.
She earned Swiss Diploma in Photography at the University of Art & Design in Zurich, Switzerland. Earned B.F.A at the B.C. Open University, Canada. In 1980, apprenticed with German painter, Oskar Koller in Nuremberg, Germany.

Her work has been exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary. Vancouver, Vernon, Kelowna, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary in Canada, as well as Atlanta, San Diego and New York in the USA.

Senvest Canadian collection – Samuel Lallouz collection, Montreal
Mraz collection, Toronto –
Robert Keller collection, USA
Corporate collection, Benefit Plan Administrators Inc. Mississauga,ON.