Title: No. 13
Details: Ink on paper - 22"x16" - 56x41cm - $350.00

Gee Gee Gunter Wissmeyer, was born in Hamburg, Germany.
After sailing the seven seas as a naval officer, eventually, Gee Gee made his long time dream of becoming an artist, a reality.

Encouraged and coached by, a well known German painter and fellow of the Dusseldorf Art Academy, Gee Gee took up formal training in Germany and later on in Italy. It was also at the same time when he met Joseph Beuys and Gerhard Richter who may have influenced him in creating his own style.

When he moved to Canada in 1999 it was with the intention to get inspired by nature and elements. Here and elsewhere, he never stop looking for new inspiration. A keen eye for the world around him keeps generating fresh ideas that will eventually find transformation on to canvas, paper, or board.

In many ways his paintings are his inner reflections of what he sees around without compromising the inspirational freedom.
Harmony of form, colour, and light are intended to draw the beholder right into the works claiming their full attention.
As the artist says…. “This is what I want to achieve with my work”.
Gee Gee’s works has been exhibited in Canada and USA.
He lives in West Kelowna, BC