Title: Crossing the Ocean
Details: Acrylic on canvas - 48"Hx36"W - 122x91cm - $1,900.00.

Marianne Meyer, born and raised in Switzerland. Having started out with realistic paintings, she soon discovered that she preferred to express emotions, and to experiment by using strong colour and abstract form.
The basis for her pieces often emerges spontaneously through a variety of different textures, which can range from individual sketches and drawings all the way to thick spatula layers. Many parts of each piece are worked and reworked to the point where they express just the right amount of layering, structure and depth.
The final colour constellations invite each observer to find his or her own personal experience in her pieces. She prefers large canvasses, strong colours and demonstrative colour splashes, dynamically expressing my heart-felt impulsivity and intent.

Her work has been exhibit at the Kelowna Art Gallery in Kelowna BC – Sopa Gallery in Kelowna BC – Peachland Art Gallery in Peachland BC – Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery in Vancouver BC – Halden Galerie in Wilden, Switzerland – Agora Gallery in Chelsea NY.
In 2013 and 2014, the artist received the Award of Excellence from the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Marianne and her husband have been living in the picturesque Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, since 2000.