Title: Amorphic Vases
Details: Raku - approx. 14"Hx6"diam - 36x15cm.


Leonhard Epp is a senior Canadian artist born in Germany in 1932. Graduated as a Sculpture Major in 1960 from the Vancouver School of Arts. Epp was a professor in sculpture and ceramics at Vancouver School of Arts from 1962 – 1972 and at Kelowna Okanagan College from 1974 – 1976.
As well as being an outstanding potter, Leonhard Epp is best known for his expressionistic figurative ceramic sculptures, which focuses on action of individuals within the context of global existence.
Despite the strong sense of critique of social existence, Epp modestly positions himself to “hold the mirror”and articulate his concerns without being overtly righteous. The central focus of his work is the description on excesses of contemporary culture presented through the portrayal of themes of solitary over-consumption and self-gratification that are subversive to historic and cultural values.The artwork is executed in a satirical tone that mixes a critical attitude with wit and humour.
In his artwork, Epp explores the boundaries of social narrative, leaving us with a critical reflection of ourselves that is not easily dismiss or forgotten.

Epp has had one-person exhibitions at the Vernon Art Gallery, the Kamloops Art Gallery, the Kelowna Art Gallery, the House of Ceramics in Vancouver and Bau-Xi Art Gallery in Vancouver.
Collections: Vernon Art Gallery – Kamloops Art Gallery – Various corporate and private collections.
Leonhard lives in the countryside in Falkland,BC